3 Options to learn salsa and bachata-Which works best for YOU?


Learn Salsa ClockOnline School

Want to learn salsa and bachata at your own pace & have access to the hottest patterns & shines? This program allows you work on what you want, when you want, from wherever you want!

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magnifyandlearnsalsaMicro Classes

Love Details? Want to learn salsa and bachata in record time? In this program, we take all areas of dance and rip them apart, one subject at a time, giving you the edge on the dance floor!

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learnsalsaonlocation Dance Studios

Casa Salsa is the worlds only school where you can learn salsa and bachata and seamlessly go from the internet to the classroom, in real time! Click below to find a Training Center near you!

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Listen to what people are saying about learning salsa with Casa Salsa

“The way the people teach here is just so amazing” -Nathalie Zarate

“It’s an experience of a lifetime” -Naty Hurtado

“Working with Christian and Casa Salsa has been a blessing”-DJ Jorge Charun


Learn Salsa and Bachata with Casa Salsa- Here is a taste of what you can look forward to-

Always the hottest partner work and shines
You will learn moves that inspire your dance experience. Each more is carefully crafted inside our training facility week after week, so you can rest assured that you are learning partner work that is unique.

Tips and Nuggets that matter
Learn the little things that make the big difference in each individual move, we break everything down and give little distinctions that truly impact your dance.

Practical lead and follow technique
We teach real world technique that applies to real social dancing. We cut through the smoke and teach what really matters to get you on the dance floor in record time!

Learn real timing from real musicians, and tie it into the dance with our groundbreaking Universal Salsa Method. This isn’t your average timing school, we created the only syllabus that can teach you ALL styles of salsa in 1 swing guaranteed.

Body coordination and styling
Styling and dance swag is cultivated from understanding where movement comes from and finding comfort in a well coordinated body, and we give you all the tools to get you swag in line